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Welcome to
Purple Connect

Hope is where the heart is

We're a non-profit platform for learners from oppressed castes, across region and religion, to facilitate mentorship for academic, professional, and skill development.

The platform has been designed to amplify anti-caste movements by making education and skill development accessible, and thus overhaul our broken system.

Join us!

Mentorship Programme

The mentorship program will be designed to match people with mentors who either belong to a similar academic background or are working professionals in the field they are interested in. If you want any kind of academic, professional, or even personal mentorship (personal finances, language skills, etc.), and you belong to a disadvantaged caste across any religion or region, please sign up for the mentorship.

Mentors will be matched with students or young professionals interested in their field and can decide how many hours they can dedicate to the mentorship program every month. According to these parameters, we will match mentors with suitable mentees who can benefit from their experiences.

We call upon anyone who wants to devote some part of their time to help students and young professionals from disadvantaged castes, and believes in the anti-caste movement, to sign up as a mentor!

Our Motivation

The modern socio-economic system of neoliberal capitalism obfuscates many inequalities which play a crucial role in determining everyday outcomes. We believe that one such inequality is created by the idea of ‘networking’ which disadvantages people and communities with lesser access to social capital. Owing to their accumulated social capital, Dwija folks have far more access to mentorship and professional networks than Dalit, Bahujan, Pasmanda, and Adivasi folks. We, at Purple Connect, aim to create a platform to begin the long attempt to counter the inequality of social capital, by creating a mentorship platform where anti-caste individuals from all caste groups who wish to volunteer their time to fight these inequalities will be matched up to be mentors to individuals from disadvantaged castes across religions and regions. 

Terms & Conditions

Purple Connect does not provide any services and is not a Service Provider. We help you connect with Participating/Volunteering Mentors, but Purple Connect does not give advice, assistance, guidance or counselling.


All of your communications with Purple Connect are protected by our privacy policy. Other than information you submit through the Website, Purple Connect has no access to any communications between you and any Participating/Volunteering Mentors you choose to connect with through the Website, which communications may be protected by the attorney-client privilege, wherever applicable.

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